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Hearts In Art for Women


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Weekly Hearts In Art for Teen Girls and Children

75NIS / 3 for 200

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Sketches of Bride and Groom 

(or other commissioned art)

50NIS/hr. up to 200NIS


Paintings For the Selling

Mountains of Majesty

An acrylic rope painting

Yes I know there are better things to waste your rope on!

Just kidding! "The best waster of all things rope"


Certain Cloudiness

A mixed media acrylic painting

This started as a piece of journal art I did along with the client, giving ideas of different ways for expression as she did her own work. The leaves are made with a slip-not! I also used a scraper to mix the clouds around.

This one is gonna be $60, including framing.

A Chosson Kallah Sketch

You can be next!

Or, commission for a friend as a most meaningful wedding present!

Rivers of Expression

Only $50

Acrylic painting made on a small canvas, perfect for a small room, studio or office.

A Starlit Night


This is an acrylic painting part of it bright and part dark. To portray the highs and lows.


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