Awesome paintings to light up your living room and yourself!

Cloudy Skyline

Cloudy Skyline is an original acryilic abstract painting made on canvas paper. Whith its beautifle blues and hints of purple, this art will have a calming affect on your living room or hall.

339.00 ILS 500.00 ILS

The Dream

When I was young, I had a dream. In the dream I stood inside the holy temple, and I actually felt that G-D was there. I got up from my sleep and looked around  That morning I understood the loss as tears streamed and I prayed that my dream come true. 

980.00 ILS 1,000.00 ILS


An original acrylic mini abstract painting on canvas depicting a sunset over the choppy waters.

150.00 ILS 200.00 ILS
    Hearts In Art