Discover The Art Within

To Dream; To Heart; To Art

After working with many different media techniques over the years, I've come to the conclusion that most of the time, abstract art expresses the most emotion. It has always been my hope to teach others the depth and meaning one can find in art, based on my own personal experience using painting as a journal of sorts and as a place to vent. 

You too can learn how to start an art journal!

 Simply sign up for a three class package and you have yourself a wonderful coping mechanism to deal with any stress and frustration in your day to day life!

Hearts-In-Art started at the height of Covid of course. 

Like many others I took temporary leave of my job and suddenly found myself with time to pursue my creative interests. 

Slowly, the idea took root. I would provide art journaling lessons! 

From there, I started offering art party's and children's art classes in the afternoons. 

Using the idea of art as a way to let out emotion, I allow a LOT of freedom in my classes. 

I help where my help is wanted and where my ideas are requested. 

In general, the student leads the way. 

Art is a major passion of mine. 

But enough with the rambling. 

I want to share the love. 

I want to give over that passion for expression - through art. 

Before the children learn to judge themselves (and their art) harshly, lets give them the confidence to run with their ideas onto paper and enjoy the process. 

Hearts In Art